Country League Match Date Result
Brazil Rondoniense Porto Velho vs Real Ariquemes results Fri 28.February 23:00 (UTC) 0-0
Brazil Rondoniense Vilhenense vs Pimentense results Fri 28.February 23:00 (UTC) 2-1
Brazil Rondoniense Pimentense vs Uniao Cacoalense results Sat 15.February 23:00 (UTC) 0-0
Brazil Rondoniense Porto Velho vs Rondoniense results Fri 14.February 23:00 (UTC) 2-0
Brazil Rondoniense Vilhenense vs Ji-Parana results Fri 14.February 23:00 (UTC) 0-0
Brazil Rondoniense Barcelona RO vs Pimentense results Sat 08.February 23:00 (UTC) 1-1
Brazil Rondoniense Guajara vs Porto Velho results Sat 08.February 23:00 (UTC) 0-0
Brazil Rondoniense Uniao Cacoalense vs Ji-Parana results Sat 08.February 23:00 (UTC) 1-1 (-)
Brazil Rondoniense Guapore vs Vilhenense results Fri 07.February 23:00 (UTC) 1-2
Brazil Rondoniense Real Ariquemes vs Guajara results Sat 01.February 23:00 (UTC) 1-3
Brazil Rondoniense Pimentense vs Guapore results Sat 01.February 23:00 (UTC) 1-1
Brazil Rondoniense Ji-Parana vs Barcelona RO results Sat 01.February 23:00 (UTC) 2-2
Brazil Rondoniense Vilhenense vs Uniao Cacoalense results Fri 31.January 23:00 (UTC) 1-1
Brazil Rondoniense Porto Velho vs Genus results Fri 31.January 23:00 (UTC) 2-1

Rondoniense match previews and predictions

There are 26 state football leagues in Brazil. Because of long distances in Brazil a very competitive football culture developed within each state. Therefore, Brazil remain one of the few countries who still run state championships alongside the national ones. Most of them run from January to May, outside the national season.