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Tipsway creates football match previews for games being played all over the world, complete with league tables, statistics, injuries and news.

What is Tipsway?

Tipsway is an information service for sports bettors and others interested in football / soccer. Our brilliant technology creates thousands of football previews every day. And we do it properly, evaluating factors such as form, playing surface, injuries (and suspensions), attacking and defending ability, head-2-head games, ability versus similar opposition, streaks and much much more.

Tell me about the technology!

Tipsway uses the RoboWriter software package created by Netbots Norway Sports Betting Services, a company that develops automated software- and content solutions for the sports betting industry. The technology is available for sale / licensing.

RoboWriter is a "robot" journalist, or rather a team of robot journalists with no need for inspiration or coffee, specialized in creating sports betting content. RoboWriter can basically write anything, but for Tipsway it uses data, rule-based algorithms and artificial intelligence to create football match preview content that is unique every time. The technology can produce thousands of betting previews daily.

Another amazing thing about this software is that the match previews updates itself whenever new information such as injuries or lineups is available. It is also possible to use human writers to spice up the content, although Tipsway runs mainly on automation.

Do you really have football match previews for all of the world's leagues?

Tipsway covers more than 900 global football leagues and writes comprehensive match previews for every game in all of them, leading to the creation of thousands of match previews every week.

Big leagues, small leagues, women leagues, junior leagues - we cover most leagues offered by sports betting companies. For example, we cover:

Big European football leagues

* English Premier League
* Italian Serie A
* Spanish La Liga
* French Ligue 1
* German Bundesliga

Of course we also cover the football played in places such as the Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Austria, Croatia and all other European countries.

We also cover other leagues than the classic men's senior leagues. In England alone we cover about 30 different leagues both for men, women and junior players.

Almost all football leagues played in Africa

* Tunisia Ligue 1
* Egypt Premier League
* Morocco Botola
* Algeria Ligue 1
* South Africa Premier League
* Kenya Premier League
* Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL)
* Mali Premiere Division

Tipsway also covers the football played in Angola, Senegal, Cameroon, Gambia, Benin, Ethiopia, Botswana, Congo, Cote d’Ivoire and… the list goes on.

The most popular leagues in Asia

* China Super League
* South Korea (Korea Republic) K-League
* Japan J League
* India Super League
* Australia A-League

And of course we also write football match previews for Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Vietnam, Indonesia, Jordan and all other Asian countries.

We have the South American football leagues

* Brazil Serie A
* Argentina Superliga
* Paraguay Division 1
* Uruguay Primera Division
* Chile Primera Division

Yes, of course we also have Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and the other South American countries. Both the top level leagues and lower level.

CONCACAF: North America, Central America and the Caribbean

* Mexico Liga MX
* USA Major League Soccer
* Honduras Liga Nacional
* Jamaica Premier League
* Canadian Soccer League

Again, we also have every country belonging to the CONCACAF such as Costa Rica, Belize, Cuba, El Salvador, Panama and so on.

Oceania Football Confederation

It’s perhaps not the biggest continental confederation in world football, but we do cover the premier football leagues in Fiji and New Zealand with all the football those countries have to offer.

How can I use Tipsway?

Tipsway provide a wealth of knowledge for global football, focusing on previews. Our website is perhaps of biggest interest for sports bettors as the match previews provide so many insights and statistics.

Tipsway has previews ready many days before each match, allowing you to make early bets at early odds and be informed before other punters. We produce new match previews for a team immediately after their previous game finished, making us often first in the world to create such comprehensive information.

When the kickoff for a game gets closer, our match previews are updated with injury and suspension news when available. This provides you with information that goes well beyond statistics and could provide hints on the final team lineups.

We also publish the team lineups automatically when they are available, usually about one hour before kickoff. By being alert and watching the lineups you could make good bets in this final period before kickoff and going into the live game.

The main content of our previews provide a thorough overview of form, latest results, overall results, how the team performs as favourites/underdogs etc. as well as information on key players.

We have full league tables and on the “Statistics”-tab you find a lot of interesting information on each team overall, playing home/away and also versus similar opposition. The “Matches”-tab provides a recent match history and certain filters are available, such as only showing for example “home games versus similar placed teams.”

Often we also have links to more information and the team’s Twitter accounts - making Tipsway the ideal place to start your betting day!

Tipsters, statistics and streaks


Tipsway comes equipped with a team of tipsters providing bets in global football. Available on https://www.tipsway.com/tipster/, a variety of tipsters allow readers to participate in their hunt for profit.

Tipsters on Tipsway come both in automated and human form. The humans are beating the robots so far, providing some hope into the future for the human race.


Need a place to start looking for bets? It’s hard to profit from betting on statistics alone, but it's not impossible and our Statistics page highlight matches where certain trends are strong; such as many goals, few goals or both teams to score.


Which team have won the most games in a row? Or failed to score? Drawn matches, or kept a clean sheet?

Our Streaks page keeps track of those records slowly building, and also shows which opponent the team having a streak is facing in their next game.

Tipsway - the ideal starting point for betting research

In short, Tipsway is the perfect place to research football matches. From offering previews long before anyone else to posting lineups just as the match is starting - Tipsway has it all.

Bookmark our page today and spread the word!