The funniest footballers on Twitter: You need to follow these

The best footballers on Twitter: Even football players and managers have personalities (at least some of them…) and human qualities such as a sense of humour. Follow these!

Footballers (or soccer players as some countries prefer to call them) are famous for their actions on the pitch, but in the age of social media some of these athletes are building a powerful online presence outside their sport.

Stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have hundreds of millions of followers on social media, mostly on the visual platform Instagram. However, looking at endless images of a footballer training or spending time with their (usually beautiful) family members is not everyone’s cup of tea.

In this article we’ll list five footballers and one football team who are funny and clever on social media, and on perhaps the most challenging channel: Twitter.

The list is in no specific order. If we have missed anyone, tweet us at @TipswayPreviews !

James Milner (@jamesmilner)

There are actually two Twitter accounts worth following here, both the real James Milner account and the parody account Boring James Milner. The parody account appeared first, but since James Milner himself came online the real deal has far outclassed the parody.

The Liverpool midfielder followed upon the parody account and the public image of himself as a perfect, but boring professional; thereby proving that he is everything apart from boring.

Twitter followers have seen Milner iron clothes, tying shoelaces, cutting the grass with a pair of scissors and making fun of teammates as well as himself. The account has more than 1 million followers and it’s highly deserved; Milner is a brilliant comedian.

Peter Crouch (@petercrouch)

The former England international retired less than a year ago, and has since completed his transition from football player to entertainer. He runs an amusing and awardwinning podcast called The Peter Crouch podcast, writes a weekly column and is active on social media.

The 2 meter tall striker frequently jokes about himself, one of his more famous jokes being his answer to “What would you be if you weren’t a professional footballer?” Crouch replied “A virgin”.

Michael Owen (@themichaelowen)

The former England, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle, Manchester United and Stoke striker managed to make a few enemies during his playing career due to his career choices. He still enjoys close to 4 million Twitter followers. His willingness to share his everyday life, support for charities and occasional humour makes him one to follow, and he’s also a keen gambler with a soft spot for horse racing.

Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker)

He’s retired from playing, but Gary Lineker has carved out a huge new career in the media as a football pundit, anchorman and presenter. With 7,5 million followers on Twitter every little tweet is scrutinized, but that does not stop Lineker from posting both football insights, social commentary and humour frequently. The man is witty.

Joey Barton (@joey7barton)

With more than 3 million followers on Twitter, one could say that Barton’s social media career has bypassed his playing career. Barton made the headlines for lots of the wrong reasons in his playing career and was punished (and even jailed) for violence both on and off the pitch.

His Twitter persona is also that of a hardman, but with large doses of both humour, philosophy and politics. He balances on the fine line between crazy and smart.

AS Roma English (@ASRomaEN)

There’s too much corona virus in Italy these days to laugh, but the English account hosted by Italian football giants AS Roma has delivered steadily during the years.

AS Roma admit they are not using their social media for corporate communication, they just want to have fun and entertain followers. Despite an increase in tweets related to charity social good, they are still one of the most clever Twitter accounts.